Texturewood Custom Hardwood Flooring

Design Your Hardwood Floor

Experience the luxury of Texturewood’s® distinctively unique premium hardwood flooring.  Enjoy designing your own hardwood floor as you browse through unlimited possibilities of various textures, wide widths, long lengths, and custom designs made exclusively at Birch Creek Millwork, Inc.  Create the perfect solid wood floor that will not only add beauty and value, but exceed your expectations as it reflects your very own personalized style and décor.

Explore the many different types of wood flooring in both new and reclaimed species.  View different flooring samples, and imagine the possibilities of adding textures to your favorite species of hardwood flooring.  Learn important facts about different hardwoods by reading specifications, and talk to a certified hardwood flooring professional to create the perfect floor.

Have a special request, or a unique idea in your design?  Let us help you transform your premium idea into premium flooring!  Hundreds of customized hardwood floors are manufactured at Birch Creek Millwork, Inc. each year, and we understand the sophistication that comes with designing.  Our personalized service, competitive prices, customizable flooring options, and quality second to none, can be relied upon with every Texturewood® floor.

Browse our galleries to kindle ideas, and give us a call.  Don’t be caught by the salesman who tries to sell you scrap flooring.  We want your floor to reflect the time and effort you put in to designing it.  We custom mill every order precisely to customer specifications, and we don’t start until you order.  Quality is our trademark, and we guarantee our flooring is the best you can find.  So save money on installation costs, and get a quality Texturewood® floor that will last a lifetime.