Alder Wood Flooring

Species: Alder
Source: California, Oregon, Washington
Grade: Alpine Originaltm
Knots: Unlimited. Large character marks and open knots that do not exceed 1” and can be readily filled are admitted.
Checks/Cracks: Minimal surface checking. Habitat related marks, and cracks that do not compromise the integrity of the flooring are allowed.
Nail/Bolt Holes: None
Grain Pattern: Primarily straight, fine, dense.
Percentage Sapwood:
Color: Light reddish-brown with little distinction between sapwood and heartwood.
Weight: 1.8 lb./Sq. Ft.
Standard Dimensions:
a. Thickness: ¾”
b. Width: 3” – 5” – Call for wider available widths.
c. Length: 1’ – 10’ with high % of long lengths. No more than 10% of total footage under 4’ in length.
Textures Available: Smooth, Circular Sawn, Skip Sawn, 3D, Hand Scraped, Draw Knife Distressed, Chalet.
Additional Options: Machine, Hand Scraped or Draw Knife Beveled Edges & Ends, Pegs.
Installation: Texturewood® flooring can be installed on and above grade level. It is not recommended that this flooring be installed below grade. Installation procedures may vary (i.e. reclaimed versus new floors, or strip versus plank flooring, etc.) We recommend consulting with a professional flooring installer, and following National Wood Flooring Association installation guidelines.
Moisture Content: Shipped at 6%-8.5% average. Moisture content may vary some based on the humidity level of the installation site. Therefore, we recommend flooring be acclimated on the job site in the same environment in which it will remain once installed, for a period of 1 to 3 weeks.
Finish: Texturewood® unfinished solid wood. Consult with your professional flooring installer for jobsite finishing.
Profile: Texturewood® precision tongue & groove edges with standard double cut & squared ends. End matching available upon request.
Stability: Quite stable, low shrinkage.
Waste: We recommend 8% – 10% cut and waste on traditional sub floor installations.
Janka Rating: 590
Samples: Character marks such as knots, checks/cracks, sap, and natural color and grain patterns will vary in each plank within a sample. Therefore, your floor may vary somewhat from samples and pictures shown.

Texturewood® flooring products are processed from solid kiln-dried stock lumber. These flooring materials should be acclimatized and installed in accordance with the National Wood Flooring Association recommendations. As each installation is unique, we urge you to contact a professional flooring installer for recommendations concerning jobsite evaluation and installation. Please contact your Texturewood® representative with any questions, or go to our installation page for general tips and guidelines on installation.