Hickory wood floors have a distinctive look with high color variation. Its sapwood is white to pale cream, its heartwood is cream to reddish brown, and dark brown streaks are common.

The contrast between light and dark grains in hickory are beautiful and dramatic, allowing it to blend in with just about anything. Hickory is a great choice if you are trying to match other wood finishes in a room. Floors made from hickory wood are also extremely durable—hickory is the hardest wood native to North America.

Want to know if a custom hickory floor is right for you? Tell us about your project and we can walk you through all of the possibilities.

These samples show some of the many options and textures available for hickory wood floors:

3.4 lb./Sq. Ft.
Standard Dimensions:
a. Thickness: ¾”
b. Width: 2¼” –10” – Call for wider available widths.
c. Length: 2’ – 12’ with approximately 60-80% of the total footage 6’ – 12’ or longer.
Hardness Rating:
1820 (Janka scale)
Character marks such as knots, checks/cracks, sap, and natural color and grain patterns will vary in each plank within a sample. Therefore, your floor may vary somewhat from samples and pictures shown.

Texturewood® flooring products are processed from solid kiln-dried stock lumber. These flooring materials should be acclimatized and installed in accordance with the National Wood Flooring Association recommendations. As each installation is unique, we urge you to contact a professional flooring installer for recommendations concerning jobsite evaluation and installation. Please contact your Texturewood® representative with any questions, or go to our installation page for general tips and guidelines on installation.